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More than three years into the pandemic, there is still no agreed upon definition for long COVID and there are no proven therapies or standards of care. This leaves patients undiagnosed and providers ill-prepared to recognize, evaluate, and treat long COVID in their patients. 

As functional and integrative medicine practitioners, you have a demonstrated track record in successfully assessing and treating complex chronic illnesses and syndromes. By applying your root-cause education and training, we would argue that no one in the healthcare workforce is better qualified to address the long COVID crisis. And patients are looking for and need you.

Join OvationLab and a group of well-respected educators, clinicians, thought leaders and special guests for a deep dive into a Post Viral Recovery Program Workshop and Training Series. This recovery framework and program draws on research from leading institutions and researchers including: Mt Sinai Health System, Yale School of Medicine,  PolyBio Research Institute, UCSF, and The Institute for Systems Biology.


Register NOW for the Upcoming

3-Part Series Post Viral Recovery Program Workshops

All workshops will be recorded and posted with resources after live webinar

Here are the dates:

May 10 at 7-8 pm ET

  • The 5 key drivers of long COVID


May 17 at 7-8 pm ET

  • Step-by-step presentation of 90-day post-viral recovery program and protocol


May 24 at 7-8 pm ET

  • Case presentations drawn from six months of applying this program in clinical practice

Workshop Series Highlights & Takeaways:

  • Review the current long COVID landscape including epidemiology, economic burden, and workforce impact

  • Gain access to a set of assessment tools for evaluating long COVID

  • Understand and integrate a 90-day systems-based protocol for treating long  COVID in your practice 

  • Dig into case studies and outcomes data from the patient registry

  • Apply real world examples of group-based program implementation in your practice

  • Access registry intake forms and tracking instruments for your patients

  • Join a learning community of systems-based clinicians who are implementing this protocol in a variety of practice and institutional settings with very positive results

Collaborating Partners

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Post Viral Recovery/Long COVID Working Group

In this 3-Part Workshop Series we will cover:

Workshop #1: May 10 at 7pm ET

  • Post-viral and long COVID prevalence and epidemiology

  • Risk factors, mechanisms, and pathophysiology

  • The 5 key drivers of long COVID

  • A root-cause approach to assessing, personalizing, and treating post-viral syndromes and long COVID

  • Overview of program and protocol features and components 

Workshop #2: May 17 at 7pm ET

  • Step-by-step presentation of 90-day post-viral recovery program and protocol

  • Walk-through of patient registry, intake forms, patient journey, & validated tracking tools

  • Lifestyle components applied to post-viral syndrome and long COVID 

  • Overview of one-on-one clinical applications and group visit models


Workshop #3: May 24 at 7pm ET


  • Case presentations drawn from six months of applying this program in clinical practice 

  • Group visit models: application of real-world examples from recent post-COVID group visit programs to your practice

  • Specialty and foundational nutritional supplements formulary: rationale and biologic plausibility 

  • In-depth question and answer session

  • How to access tools, protocol, and patient registry

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