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OvationLab is an expert consulting service for innovators, early-stage and start-up ventures, market leaders, health professions education organizations and health systems who are developing new products, services, technologies, and delivery channels to play a significant, high-impact role in the dynamic and rapidly growing personalized/functional/precision health market. 


Our services include: strategy planning; market research; high level advising; product launch strategy; fundraising strategy consulting; engagement of medical and scientific experts and influencers; practitioner test panels; messaging and communications focused on building trust with healthcare providers.

One of the company’s unique strengths is its access by way of its founders to the functional medicine practitioner community. Capitalizing on this, the company will assist clients with accessing and generating sales to and through the practitioner channel.


In connection with this, the company is in the process of forming a network of clinicians that it can access on behalf of clients to facilitate collaboration and other professional opportunities. OvationLab affiliated clinicians may serve as advisors, beta testers, spokes people, consultants, medical directors, practice-based research participants, etc. on behalf of the company’s clients. 

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