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Evidence is the Loudest Voice

"Consumers are taking greater control over their health - and expect companies to provide effective, science-backed solutions." McKinsey and Company, 2024

More than ever, practitioners, patients, and investors demand health products and services backed by credible evidence.  However, the reality is that conducting research can be prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, and slower than the market demands, posing a significant barrier for many companies. Until now.

OvationLab’s “Rapid Research” Program

  • Studies designed to maximize credibility and promotional impact without ignoring compliance

  • Capitalizing on validated patient reported outcomes, wearables and device data, lab testing, and practice based research to capture the story of the most compelling innovations

  • Studies generally completed in less than four months and under $60,000

  • Led by Dr. Chris D’Adamo’s extensive experience in clinical studies of natural products .

  • Utilizing OvationLab’s extensive network, leverage completed research into educational, promotional and strategic partnership initiatives.

OvationLab’s Research Program is rooted in efficiency and ensures that research is not a luxury for a few, but a strategic advantage for all. Navigate the complexities of the research landscape knowing you have a trusted ally dedicated to accelerating your success.  Read more about our team here.

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