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Accelerating the Adoption of Personalized, Precision Health

OvationLab is the premier consulting firm for healthare innovators from early-stage ventures to market leaders in the root-cause medicine field. 

We specialize in facilitating the creation and commercialization of products, services, protocols, and technologies in the functional and integrative medicine practitioner channel.



Calroy Health Sciences engaged OvationLab to establish and scale awareness and leadership of their innovative products in the health care practitioner channel. Through rigorous research and formulation, Calroy develops transformative nutritional products for foundational health. OvationLab provided executives in residence to develop and implement a comprehensive and multi-year strategic plan. We established CME and non-CME practitioner education and marketing messaging strategy; cultivated key opinion leaders as advocates and speakers; recruited and formalized a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board; and designed and launched go-to-market strategies for two products. As a result of our work, Calroy's cardiovascular line is highly regarded, widely recommended by key opinion leaders, educators, and clinicians in the root-cause medicine field.

OvationLab and Virtual Practices collaborated to develop and field the largest practitioner survey documenting the impact of COVID-19 on root-case, independent medical practices. With over 3500 practitioners participating, this landmark survey documented how root-cause medicine practitioners across disciplines and practice models fared during 2020 - and how their experience compared to conventional independent practices in the U.S. All of the major education organizations, nutritional supplement brands, dispensaries, and laboratories engaged OvationLab/Virtual Practices to present the survey findings to their practitioner audiences and leadership teams as an important strategic consideration of how to pivot and adapt to the disruptions caused in the COVID-19 era.


OvationLab and Virtual Practices collaborated to design and present a series of workshops designed to educate and equip root-cause medicine practitioners to optimize and reignite their practices, revenue models, billing and coding processes. Thousands of practitioners participated and applied the learnings, toolsets, and care paths presented throughout the workshops.

3x4 Genetics engaged OvationLab to develop a fundraising and go-to-market strategy for the healthcare practitioner market that resulted in securing the necessary investment needed to launch 3x4 Genetics and their test panel in the root-cause medicine market and relocate them from South Africa to the United States.

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HLI is the brainchild of Craig Venter who embarked on the ambitious mission to develop a “deep phenotyping” preventive health assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to demonstrate a new model for extending human life through preventive screening and to create new insights and predictive models from the merging of genetic, whole-body MRI, and lab markers. They engaged OvationLab starting prior to the launch of the first assessment center (Health Nucleus) until roughly two years after the launch to assist in shaping the consumer experience, the customer acquisition strategy, and the articulation of the company’s value proposition to consumers.

YPO commissioned OvationLab to develop a one day Precision Health Summit for its members, all of whom are business leaders. The goal of the event was to educate YPO members on the future of health and the steps they could take for themselves and their companies to better access the full potential of current healthcare innovation for chronic disease reversal and longevity. The event was a resounding success featuring a keynote address by Tom Blue followed by more than a dozen thought provoking talks from thought leaders from the root cause medicine field. Find the promotional recap of the event here.




Executives in Residence

Strategic Planning

Practitioner Channel Launch and Expansion

Advisory Board Visioning and Recruitment


Influencer and Key Opinion Leader Engagement

Professional Education and Content Marketing




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Tom Blue


Tom Blue has dedicated most of the last 20 years to intensively researching and synthesizing new approaches to accelerate the application of emerging science and research in the day-to-day practice of primary care and personal health management.  He is a healthcare entrepreneur with an impressive record of catalyzing innovative clinical and practice management businesses that serve providers, payers, patients and industry including:

  • LeadHealth (acquired in 2019 by Empowered Education) the first employer health organization dedicated to utilizing Functional Medicine and chronic disease-focused bundled episodes of care to reduce healthcare costs for self-insured employers and health plans

  • LivingMatrix, the most widely used patient information management system by Functional Medicine practitioners (acquired in 2019 by Nestle Health Science)​

  • DestinyWell, a clinical protocol and natural product development company that created AgelessLX and its family of branded products (acquired by the TSI Group in 2020)

  • ​Liberty Direct, the nation’s first ACA exempt, DPC-integrated medical cost sharing program, (acquired by Liberty Healthshare in 2016).

He is a founding partner of OvationLab and serves as on the founding leadership team of AndHealth as SVP of Healthcare. AndHealth, a virtual healthcare delivery company specializing in disease reversal for Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases. 

Tom serves as an advisor and/or board member for a number of digital health and other disruptive healthcare companies including: Heads Up Health, Nudge, Radicle Science, Resonea, ORDRS, Better Nutrition Program, and Tailored Script.

He a member of the Leadership Council for the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute; and he served for nearly ten years, as both the Director of Industry Strategy for The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of the American Academy of Private Physicians, the national professional association for concierge and direct primary care (DPC) physicians.

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Andie Crosby


Andie Crosby has over 30 years’ marketing and business development experience working with iconic brands such as Nike, Apple, Gap, Procter & Gamble and magazines such as Rolling Stone, Glamour, and Vanity Fair.  In 2010, her personal interest in health and wellness converged with an opportunity to build and lead the first marketing team at The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). She was the driving force behind a 13x increase in the number of clinicians trained by IFM and a resulting surge in awareness and demand for functional medicine amongst both patients and practitioners.  Through OvationLab’s executive in residence program, Andie currently serves as President for our client, Calroy Health Sciences.
Andie has served on the Advisory Board for Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) and Health and Wellness Business Association (HAWBA).

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Laurie Hofmann MPH


Ms. Hofmann, partner at Ovation Lab and co-founder of VirtualPractices is a seasoned executive, board chair ,strategic advisor, and mentor. Laurie is the immediate past CEO and board chair for The Institute for Functional Medicine where she led the expansion and scaling of functional medicine education and clinical training. Ms. Hofmann’s 30-year track record of accomplishments in health and wellness, functional medicine, public health, and personalized nutrition have served to advance and expand awareness, reach, and adoption of functional medicine, personalized nutrition and patient-centered care globally. Laurie serves on numerous advisory boards and as a strategic advisor and leadership consultant for businesses and organizations seeking to enter or expand their reach into the health care practitioner channel.

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